International Students

International Students Welcome!

Who we are

Corps Thuringia is a German fraternity, first mentioned in 1806.

What we do

Actually not too many different things than other students: we study, help each other out, meet friends, celebrate and on top, we occasionally try to live and remember in some traditions of German fraternities from the 19th century.

Who can join Corps Thuringia?

Any male student who is currently enrolled in a German university. It doesn’t matter where you are from, what your religious believes are or your political attitude. Important to us is, that we get along well. But seriously: who wouldn’t want that?

Why join us?

There are thousands of reasons, but the most important probably are:

  1. To experience something new, something German
  2. You’ll meet new friends for life
  3. There’s always someone to help you or assist you during your time in Germany
  4. You’ll learn German in no time
  5. And the most important of all: Because its just fun with us!..


Drop by for a beer – it’s on us

You can find us at Böhmestraße 1, 04155 Leipzig. Closest tram stop is „Georg-Schumann/Lützowstraße“ by trams 10, 11 or 12. But you might want to make sure there is somebody at home to welcome you, so send a mail to cc[at] or call us: 0341-5500936